What is the Extension Factory?

It is a web service that turns any website with RSS feeds into browser extensions (also called browser "add-ons") for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

What kind of browser extensions does this service produce?

It produces a nice customized RSS reader that is permanently available in your user's browser, as an icon. Other engaging features will keep the user in touch with you: live notifications whenever your feeds change, bookmarking features,...

How can I try it and see how it looks for my website?

Enter your website URL and click on "Build" button. If the extension was successfully generated, click on "Try it" button. You an personalize the extension if you want to. Don't hesitate to leave your email address to be notified if we update the solution.
You're ready to go !

I love this extension, how can I make it available to my website users?

When you have successfully generated and tested your extension, copy the HTML embed code provided in the results page, and paste it on your website, where you want the installation button to appear. We provide different button styles and a bottom bar, just click on "Customize your install button" to change it.
If you need more features, take a look to our range of products, there is necessarily one that will meet your needs!

What is required to make the Extension Factory work with my website?

The only requirement to generate your extension is to have RSS feeds declared in the URL you provided.

I'd love to use this service but my website doesn't have feeds, how do I do?

We're working on it, more extension templates coming up soon ! ;)

How much does it cost?

The Extension Factory offers a complete range of products where you will find out the more suitable solution.

Which browsers do you support?

Our extensions work on Google Chrome 5+, Safari 5+ and Mozilla Firefox 15+. It has been tested on Windows Vista, Windows 7,8, Mac OS X and various Linux distributions.

What benefits does this extension provide?

There are many reasons why you should create a cross-browser extension for your website:

  • It will engage your audience and improve users's loyalty, by offering them real-time content notifications
  • It creates a unique communication tool that differenciates you
  • It will grow your traffic by creating new content channels.

Can I upgrade my solution?

Of course, you can upgrade your solution whenever you want. You only have to contact us.